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Green Hill Hostas 2015 Wholesale Complete List

Wholesale Orders must meet the wholesale conditions for quantities and the minimum order amount of $350.

Bare Root Plants: Please order in multiples of ten

To place your order, call, email, or use the order form.

GHF identifies the hosta as one we introduced.

Medium to Large Hostas
GHF identifies our Green Hill Farm introductions
'Ambrosia' PPAF Large. Waxy, blue leaves with a light yellow center, 'Guacamole' sport. Each: $15GHF
'Blueberry Waffles' Very Large. Round blueberry colored leaves, highly puckered. $10
'Chorus Girl' Small. Upright, very cupped yellow leaves. Enjoys morning sun. $10
'Cup of Grace' Medium. Upright dark green foliage that is highly cupped. Great in a pot. $8
'Delona's Smile' Small. Highly ruffled bright yellow leaves with good substance. Unique. $10GHF
'Dream Boat' Large. Very dramatically cupped and keel-shaped green leaves on long petioles. $8
'Envy' Medium. Somewhat upright, bright yellow margins on bright green leaves. Very showy.$10
'Evening Blush' Medium. Great new blue with purple petioles and fantastic purple flowers. $15
'Final Summation' Large. Best 'Sum and Substance' sport with dark green margin. Leaves cup up! $10 GHF
'First Frost' Medium. Excellent yellow-margined blue leaves. Classic sport of 'Halcyon'. $8GHF
'Grape Fizz' Large. Very shiny and heavily substanced unusual green leaves. Fragrant, too. $6 GHF
'Guacamole' Large. Gold leaves with a dark green margin. Fragrant flowers. Grows very quickly. $8 GHF
'Honey Pie' Large. Rapidly growing gold hosta that is ruffled and puckered. Fragrant! $10GHF
'Infatuation' Medium. Very waxy long pointed blue leaves with cranberry-colored petioles. $12GHF
'Leapin' Lizard' Medium. Green leaves are ruffled, folded, and bumpy. Uniquely crazy!!! $12
'Lime Ripple' Large. Nicely rippled thick limey green leaves that become more yellow in sun. $10
'Mango Salsa' Medium. Yellow wavy leaves with deep red petioles and scapes. Sun tolerant. $10 GHF
'Megan's Angel' Huge. Wide yellow margined sport of 'Blue Angel'. Grows well. $10
'Millennium' Huge. One of the best large blue-leafed hostas with very leathery leaves. $8
'Nate the Great' Large. Upright large round blue-green leaves stand tall and proud. Great specimen. $8 GHF
'Orange Marmalade' PP#16,742 Medium. Bright yellow-orange leaf centers bordered by blue. Sells! $10 GHF
'Peach Salsa' Medium. Bright yellow puckered leaves with bright red petioles and scapes. $10GHF
'Petticoat Junction' Medium. Waxy blue leaves with ruffled margins. Very appealing. $12
'Plum Pudding' Medium. Dark green leaves with dark purple petioles, good substance. $10GHF
'Rough Knight' Small-Medium. Pretty cupped heart-shaped deep green leaves. Upright clump.$10
'Sharp Dressed Man' Medium. Thick tri-colored leaves with white centers and wide green margins. Leaves are very triangular with excellent substance. Sun tolerant. $10 GHF
'Spring Shower' Medium. Light blue heart-shaped leaves make a sturdy, airy mound. $6 GHF
'Sugar Snap' Large. Dark shiny green leaf center and a yellow edge. Fragrant. $10GHF
'Tarheel Blue' Small. Very blue heart-shaped leaves that hold their wax well into summer. $12
'Tropicana' Medium. Bright white margins surround a light green leaf center. A different look. $6
'Victory' Huge. Excellent white-margined shiny green-leaved sport of 'Elatior'. Hosta of the Year. $8
'Winter Frost' Medium. Very waxy blue with highly leaves especially when young. Different. $12

Miniature and Small Hosta
Minimum 5 each per cultivar, 3" pots, flats of 20 or shipped bare root
GHF identifies our Green Hill Farm introductions
'Baby Blue Eyes' Small. Tight flat mound of blue heart-shaped leaves. Very cute. $8 each
'Blue Mouse Ears' Small. Dense, rounded mound of blue-green, very round mouse ear leaves. $6
'Brentwood Blues' Small. Blue lanceolate leaves with a pure white margin. Must have. $8
'Cracker Crumbs' Mini. Bright honey-yellow leaves painted with a dark green margin. Excellent! $7 GHF
'Crumb Cake' Small. Rapidly growing very flat, tight mound of honey-gold rounded leaves. Mahogany petioles and scapes. Great in the garden or in a container. A favorite of mine. $8GHF
'Curly Fries' Small. Very wavy, heavily substanced, narrow chartreuse leaves give a spidery appearance. Sun tolerant! Very distinct and great in a pot. Our hottest hosta, a must. $10GHF
'Fantasy Island' Small. Good growing, white-centered heart-shaped leaves with wide green margins $7GHF
'Green Mouse Ears' Mini. Smaller green form of 'Blue Mouse Ears'. One more to collect. $7
'Hideout' Mini. Wavy, upright leaves with dark green margins and a white center. Vigorous grower that holds up very well in shade or cool sun. Perfect trough hosta. $8
'Holy Mouse Ears' Mini. Cream-centered, smaller sport of 'Blue Mouse Ears'. Grows well in shade. $8
'Itty Bitty' Mini. Thick dark green leaves with an irregular white center. 'Green Mouse Ears' sport. $12
'Little Devil' Mini. Cute, white-margined mini with pointed green leaves. Grows and increases well. $8
'Little Miss Muffet' Mini. Gold heart-shaped leaves give this a classic look. Great in a container. $8
'Mouse Trap' Mini. 'Blue Mouse Ears' sport that emerges with a white center with green flecks scattered about. It is a surprisingly good grower and resists melting out. Hard to find. $10
'Neutrino' Mini. Nice little white-margined miniature. Good color. Limited. $12
'Surfer Girl' Mini. Green highly ruffled little leaves form a tight mound. Lots of personality. $7
Tears of Joy' Mini. Very small green heart-shaped leaves that are ruffled and folded. Makes a very tight upright clump. Flowers appear to be yellow. Perfect in a small container or trough. $8
'Tongue Twister' Small. A great long-season hosta, holding its dark green color well into October and beyond. Its upright twisted leaves make a perfect open mound. Late bloomer. $8 GHF
'Wonderful' Mini. Teardrop shaped yellow leaves form a very cute miniature mound. $8

Classic Hosta Liners Minimum 12 each per cultivar, 96 per flat
Available immediately, some quantities limited
'Brentwood Blues' Small. Blue lanceolate leaves with a pure white margin. Must have. Each: $3.75
'Chorus Girl' Small. Upright, very cupped yellow leaves. Enjoys morning sun. $3.75
'Icy Halo' Huge. Very large dark green leaves with a clean white margin. 'Parhelion' sport. $6.00
'Leapin' Lizard' Medium. Green leaves are ruffled, and bumpy. Uniquely crazy!!! $5.00
'Light Ray' Large. Somewhat upright green leaves with a nice white margin. Bright. $6.00
'Lime Ripple' Large. Nicely rippled thick lime green leaves that become more yellow in sun. $4.50
'Megan's Angel' Huge. Wide yellow margined sport of 'Blue Angel'. Grows well. $4.00

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