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'First Blush' PPAF (Solberg 2015) (48/49 seedling X 'Beet Salad') Medium, (12" X 24") 'First Blush' not only has green leaves with red petioles that extend into the leaf blade but also a thin red margin around the leaf, similar but much more dramatic than its parent 'Beet Salad'. However, the most exciting thing about 'First Blush' is that in spring the leaf between the veins will start to "blush" red from the tip of the leaf down toward the base. The leaves remain red here until temperatures surpass 92 degrees, usually into June. The color should persist longer in Northern gardens. Our first red-leafed hosta. We do plan to patent this hosta.
'Love of My Life' (Solberg 2017) ('Sun Shower' X 'Designer Genes' sport) Medium, (14" X 30") Yes, I love this very special hosta. It is a cross of my 'Sun Shower' and 'Designer Genes' that sported right away from an all yellow plant to one with a green edge. Having H. longipes and H. sieboldiana genes, in many ways it is like 'June' but more robust. In addition, it also has red petioles and pinkish purple scapes. It is very sexy in the spring! May Delivery $75
'Fairy Dust' (Solberg 2017) ('Corkscrew' X 'Green Eyes' F2) Mini, (5" X 8") I am very excited about my intensely yellow little mini 'Fairy Dust', a second generation seedling from 'Corkscrew' and 'Green Eyes'. Its narrow upright leaves sparkle brightly all summer and it has good substance, too. This one makes sparks fly! $50
'Lemon Zinger' (Solberg 2017) ('Dragon Tails' sport) Mini, (7" X 16") 'Lemon Zinger' is my green-margined sport of the increasingly popular 'Dragon Tails'. Its wavy bright yellow leaves are outlined in dark green. It is a vigorous little mini, perfect in a pot. It just might be your cup of tea. $30
'Twist Tie' (Solberg 2017) ('Tongue Twister' X ['Iwa' X 'Blue Blush']) Small, (10" X 18") 'Twist Tie' is a small blue-green hosta with very upright twisted leaves. It is from 'Tongue Twister' and like it it has very good substance and is one of the last hostas to go to sleep. Twisted hostas are my new passion, wait to you see what comes next. May Delivery $35
'Honey Bear' (Solberg 2017) ('Honey Pie' sport) Large, (20" X 42") The rich green and yellow combination of color of this fragrant-flowered sport of my hosta 'Honey Pie' is an eye stopper in the garden. At maturity the leaves become rounded and somewhat puckered with a dark green leaf center and a honey-colored margin. Like its parent it is sun tolerant and grows rapidly. $35
'Mouse Madness' (Zilis, Solberg 2017) ('Solar Mouse' sport) Mini, (5" X 12") Maybe the best of the mice so far, this white-edged sport of the all-white and almost impossible to grow 'Solar Mouse' is very vigorous. 'Mouse Madness' emerges with very bright white margins in the spring that do not melt but stay attractive well into late summer. A must for your collection of mice. Mouse Madness is on the left of this photo. $40 Limited
'Flamenco Mouse' (C. Wilson, Hallson Gardens 2012) ('Blue Mouse Ears' sport) Mini, (4" X 8") Here is another 'Blue Mouse Ears' sport from Hallson Gardens. It develops ruffled leaf margins with the traditional blue-green rounded leaves as it matures. It grows well in a container or in the garden. $20 Limited
'1st and Ten' (D. & M. Beilstein 2013) ('Brutus' X BEV3-MOM seedling) Very Large, (32" X 50") This is a big hosta! It is almost 3 feet tall with very large shovel-like blue-green leaves with good substance. Part of Doug Beilstein's gridiron series, it is a seedling from his very popular 'Brutus'. I love its dramatic leaf veins and upright habit. $35
'Razzmatazz' (D. & M. Beilstein 2013) ('Color Fantasy' X 'Potomac Pride') Medium, (17" X 36") We do not think of hosta leaf engineering very often, but it is the structural design of this creamy white-margined hosta that grabs your attention. It has a dozen or so deeply impressed veins that not only give an overbuilt appearance but also help the leaf margin to ruffle. On any breeze the ruffles will cause the leaf to dance, form compelling function. Give it a try. $25
'Stan the Man' (B. Kuk ) ( ) Medium, (17" X 34") This beautiful medium to large hosta from the late Bob Kuk has an unusual wide two-tone margin, yellow on the edge and white next to the blue-green center. It has good vigor for having H. sieboldiana heritage. Named for his father. $25 Special

Medium to Large Hostas:
'Ambrosia'PPAF (Solberg 2015) (Sport of 'Guacamole') Large, (24" X 54") Ambrosia is "the food of the gods" and this hosta is certainly good enough to eat. It is simply divine. It is a blue-margined, light yellow-centered sport of my own 'Guacamole' that performs just as well in the garden, making a large clump that enjoys bright light. Like ambrosia it is fragrant and may also have the same mythological healing powers. This hosta is close to perfection. $30
'Beet Salad' (Solberg 2009) (H. clausa normalis F2 seedling X (H. 'Ogon Tsushima' X H. yingeri F2 seedling)]) Medium, (12" X 24") 'Beet Salad' is back and boy am I glad. This has turned into a pretty cool hosta, at least according to the feedback I get from my customers. I don't know if it is its fast growth rate, the bright red petioles, or the masses of flowers but people just love it. It has grown into a fairly large hosta just because of the number of divisions a clump can make. $25 Special
'Blue Perfection' (Solberg 2015) (Sport of 'Ambrosia'PPAF) Large, (24" X 54") This is the fast growing, fragrant-flowered blue, yes blue hosta, for which we have all been waiting. It has very waxy blue leaves that are enhanced when grown in half a day of cool sun. The light lavender flowers that arrive in late July are very fragrant, unlike other "fragrant blue" hostas. You have got to try this one. $25
'Candy Kisses' (Solberg, G, Meyer, Shades of Green Hosta Soc. 2013) ('Candy Dish' X [(H. pycnophylla X 'Harvest Dandy') 'Raspberry Sorbet']) Medium, (12" X 24") This highly ruffled green pointed-leafed hosta has white leaf backs and is waxy above in the spring and then very shiny in summer. It has some purple on the petioles as does its sibling, 'Plum Nutty'. This favorite of mine makes a great container hosta. $25
'Envy' (D. & M. Beilstein 2013) ('Neat Splash' X 'Gosan Sunproof') Medium, (14" X 36") This flashy hosta has a very showy yellow margin that will become white in late summer. A seedling of Doug Beilstein's, it has a somewhat upright habit making a medium-sized clump. It always catches my eye from across the hoop house. Perfect next to any very blue hosta. $20
'Fragrant Blue Ribbons' (S. Beikman 2007) ('Fragrant Blue' sport) Small to medium, (12" X 25") This sport of the very waxy blue 'Fragrant Blue' emerges with a bright creamy white margin that may streak toward the leaf center. It is a fast grower and very showy in early spring. I believe it is under appreciated. $15
'Her Eyes Were Blue' (D. Dean, M. Schwartzbauer 2008) ('Frosted Dimples' X 'Sea Frolic') Medium, (12" X 30") Named by Mary Schwartzbauer for her mother this Don Dean seedling was selected for its long lasting very blue color. It grows into a medium mound with leaves that are both ruffled and puckered, an unusual combination. Fertile and early flowering, you should try this in your hybridizing program. $20
'Honey Pie' (Solberg 2012) ('September Sun' X H. plantaginea) Large, (18" X 40") This may have been my favorite hosta this summer. Despite all the heat, boy did it grow. The honey colored leaves pucker with age and fragrant flowers follow in late summer. It is a large hosta, a cross of 'September Sun' and H. plantaginea, having the best characteristics of both parents. Give this one a little extra sun also. $20
'Hovercraft' (D. & M. Beilstein 2016) (H. laevigata X op. seedling) Medium, (16" X 30") I really like this hosta even as a little liner. I like the roundness of the leaves and the nice blue color. It too is a large classic form hosta but with a little more open look as the leaves seem to float over their petioles. A fine blue from Doug Beilstein. $25 Special
'Icy Halo' (C. Tomashek 20 ) ('Parhelion' sport) Huge, () After a small glitch in production this monster is back also. This new sport of 'Parhelion' has rich green leaves and an almost pure white margin. Save a large space for this dramatic hosta that is the pride and joy of Cindy Tomashek in Minnesota. $25 Special
'Infatuation' (Solberg 2014) (49 Best X 'Red October') Small, (10" X 20" or larger) This very special hosta resembles a bird in flight. It is a very waxy blue H. kikuti in form with rich cranberry colored petioles. The leaf margins gently undulate, effortlessly gliding on a warm summer breeze. It blooms in August with purple flowers on arching scapes. This seedling of mine is a great mix of the species H. longipes, H. kikutii, and H. pycnophylla. It demands attention and deserves a special spot in the garden or a ceramic container. Beautiful purple scapes produce seed pods easily. Great for hybridizing. It is love at first sight. $25
'Komodo Dragon' (M. Seaver, C. Seaver 2004) ('Donahue Piecrust' X unknown) Huge, (30" X 84") This classic huge green monster has personality. Its leaves reach out to passersby from their tall petioles possibly threatening small children. Nancy loves it because it is really big but also distinct. $20
'Leapin' Lizard' (D. & M. Beilstein 2013) (['Splashed Leather' X 'Treasure Island'] open pollinated) Medium, (12" X 30") This medium-sized hosta has it all. The attractive green leaves are highly ruffled, folded, and heavily puckered. Every leaf is a little different resulting in a wild and crazy hosta. This seedling of Doug Beilstein's is not only a First Look winner but a sure show stopper in the garden. $30
'Lime Ripple' (Ed Schultz 2011) (Seedling of unknown parentage) Large, (22" X 38" or larger) This very new hosta from Ed Schultz is a wonderful lime gold color, brighter in the sun, with large heart-shaped leaves that are nicely rippled, hence the name, and somewhat puckered. It is a sturdy plant that will make a strong statement in morning sun. It is an early bloomer and good breeder. $20
'Mango Salsa' (Solberg 2011) (H. clausa normalis F2 seedling X 'Strawberry Banana Smoothie') Medium, (12" X 20") Maybe the best of this red seedling cross, this hosta is sun tolerant, has unusual wavy yellow leaves and red on both sides of the petiole into the leaf and red scapes. It has lavender flowers, maybe with a little red, and is a great breeding plant, fertile both ways. Light years away from its sibling 'Smiley Face', an equally stellar hosta. $20
'Megan's Angel' (D. & M. Beilstein 2009) (Sport of streaked 'Blue Angel') Huge, (22" X 54" or larger) This one of Doug Beilstein's is a sport of the classic 'Blue Angel', named for his daughter. The huge blue leaves emerge with this wide, soft yellow border that will become white by late summer. It grows well and has the same wonderful near white flower display as its parent. It will grow large enough to fill a whiskey barrel. $25
'Mike' (B. Webster 2010) ( ) Huge, (30" X 46") When we first saw this large blue hosta it reminded us of 'Sum and Substance', a blue 'Sum and Substance'. It is a seedling however that makes a very impressive clump in the garden. It is spectacular in a pot. $30 Limited
'Pea Pod' (Solberg 2013) (Sport of 'Sugar Snap') Large, (22" X 40") This all green form from the 'Sweet Sunshine' line has dark green leaves that are cupped and puckered and surprise, surprise, near white fragrant flowers in July. It is sun tolerant and is the perfect replacement for a 'Tokudama' in southern gardens. $20
'Peach Salsa' (Solberg 2013) (H. clausa normalis F2 seedling X 'Strawberry Banana Smoothie') Medium, (12" X 20") This bright yellow hosta has puckered leaves that are almost translucent, it glows! It is also a showoff with its bright red, not purple, petioles and scapes. Don't cut the flowers off this one. A sibling of my 'Smiley Face' and 'Mango Salsa', this one is a dappled shade plant that will brighten up any garden path. $20
'Pebble Creek' (D. & M. Beilstein 2013) ('Lime Piecrust' X 'Blue Splendor') Large, (26" X 42") Doug Beilstein loves yellow classic hostas, the cupping but mostly he loves the puckering. This large hosta combines both. It will take some strong light in Ohio and becomes brighter yellow as the summer progresses. Great as a background for smaller hostas. $25 Special
'Permafrost' (M. Zilis 2010) ('First Frost' sport) Medium, (14" X 30") This is a beautiful hosta from a top 10 parent. Its wide yellow margin borders a rich blue leaf center that will demand your attention from across the garden. It is a very sturdy hosta and perfect for the big splash of color in the shade. $20
'Petticoat Junction' (D. & M. Beilstein 2013) ([H. nigrescens X op seedling] X ['Elvis Lives' X 'Salute' seedling]) Medium, (10" X 36") Doug Beilstein is rapidly producing a fine group of highly ruffled blue hostas. A very waxy, broad leafed, medium-sized hosta, 'Petticoat Junction' has a lively appearance, with its tight ruffles and twisted leaf tips. I love this look. $20
'Plum Nutty' (Solberg 2011) ('Candy Dish' X [(H. pycnophylla X 'Harvest Dandy') X 'Raspberry Sorbet']) Medium, (16" X 30") I may be crazy for introducing this hosta with its shiny, (no wax), long-pointed leaves that are highly rippled but I really like it. It does have some purple on the petioles but is reluctant to set seed, (but does), for me since it flowers on nicely arching scapes in July here. You may have better luck. $20
'Potomac Pride' (T. Avent 1995) (H. yingeri X 'Blue Umbrellas') Large, (28" X 48") While I was creating yellow hostas from H. yingeri, Tony Avent was using it to create blue ones. This hosta makes a very attractive large mound of shiny metallic blue green foliage. It is easy to grow and sun tolerant in Northern gardens. Still a great unique hosta. $15
Hosta rectifolia SILVER STAR TM (K. Muroya) (Collected in Japan) Medium, (18" X 24") Imagine finding this hosta in the wild!!! It is the best form of H. rectifolia to date and is brightly variegated, too. Its white-margined leaves and very upright habit make it the perfect hosta for the centerpiece in a mixed container of perennials, annuals or mini hostas. It has tall, straight scapes with purple flowers in late July. $15
'Roberta' (D. Chopko, B. Kuk 2008) ('Golden Delight' sport) Medium, (18" X 28") Named for Daves's wife and hosta superstar, Roberta Chopko this medium-sized, round-leafed hosta has the classic colors of 'Frances Williams', a rich golden margin and a blue leaf center. Great for smaller gardens. $20
'Rough Knight' (D. & M. Beilstein 2013) (['King of Spades' op] open pollinated) Small-Medium, (10" X 36") Doug Beilstein has a special place in his hosta heart for cupped hostas, so do I. This small blue-green beauty has very cupped leaves with perfect little rows of puckers. All the leaves appear to be emerging from a single point like a bouquet of foliage, to decorate the garden. Great in a pot, too. $20
'Tidewater' (M. Zilis 2003) (H. kikutii leuconota X 'Elegans') Large , (18" X 40") This is a cool hosta! It is a cross between a white backed H. kikutii and 'Elegans' by Mark Zilis. It is large and intensely blue but has long narrow leaves with lots of veins. It has lots of white wax and lots of character. You must have this one. $25
'Victory' (M. Zilis, Solberg 2003) (Sport of 'Elatior') Huge, (36" X 84") This is an awesome hosta, one of the best ever. Yes, this wide white-margined sport of 'Elatior' requires a substantial piece of garden real estate but its stately upright habit deserves a prominent spot. Don't have room? It makes a great pot plant also. Hosta of the Year for 2015. $15
'World Cup' (D. Beilstein & M. Zilis, M. Zilis 2006) ('Komodo Dragon' X 'Super Bowl') Large, (20" X 44") This hosta is destined to find its way into the Top 25. It is also the one that got away. Selected from Doug Beilstein's seedlings by Mark Zilis' keen eye, this very tall and very upright bright yellow hosta is a showstopper where ever you see it. Grows well in deep shade or cool sun. $20

Miniature and Small Hostas:

'Appletini' (M. Zilis, M. Vanous 2009) (Yellow sport of 'Blue Dimples' X 'Shining Tot') Mini to Small, (6" X 14") A great new mini, maybe the best of the "tini" series from Mark Zilis, it has the bright yellow color, the shine, good substance, and cute leaf shape to make this fast growing hosta a star in the garden or in a container. It also has nice lavender flowers in July. $15
'Baby Blue Eyes' (Solberg 2006) ('Cody' X 'Dorset Blue') Mini-Small, (6" X 16") This little hosta is a darling. It is a very cute tight, flat mound of heart-shaped pretty blue leaves that grows fast. Not too big for a large trough, it is also tough enough to show off in the garden. Light lavender flowers on short scapes in July. $15
'Baby Booties' (D. & M. Beilstein 2012) ('Swoosh' X H. capitata F2 seedling) Mini, (7" X 12") I have been very impressed with this great, true miniature hosta. Its leaves have a very showy white margin and a cute rounded shape. It is a seedling of Doug Beilstein's, a F2 cross of 'Swoosh' and H. capitata. It also grows very well in the nursery. $15
'Bachelor Party' (M. Zilis, T. Toman, M. Zilis &J. Schwartz 2011) ('Bridegroom' sport) Small, (12" X 20") This is a "one of kind" hosta with heart-shaped green leaves bordered in bright white, dramatically twisted on very upright petioles. It is very cool, but what do you do with it? It is perfect in a container with a couple of other mini mounds. $20
'Blue Lollipop' (H. & D. Benedict, R. Kuenster) () Small, (4" X 14") This little hosta is very blue in color and very slow to grow, so it makes a great little mini. At maturity the leaves are folded and a little puckered. Probably from Herb Benedict's "Tardiana" in breeding, it makes a very nice dense clump. $15
'Blue Mouse Ears' (E. & J. Deckert 2000) () Mini, (6" X 12") A very tight mini mound of very thick, rounded, mouse-like, blue-green leaves. Lavender flowers on very short scapes in July. Cute as its name and now a classic! $10
'Brentwood Blues' (S. Watson 2013) (Sport of 'Rhythm and Blues') Small, (8" X 20") This little hosta is a wonderful sport of 'Rhythm and Blues' from Steve Watson of Brentwood, Tennessee. It has bright white margins on blue-green leaves with well-proportioned flowers. It has a rare combination of colors. $20 or "Two for $30"
'Cody' (Solberg 1996) ('Shining Tot' X H. venusta) Mini, (5" X 10") Cody turned 21 last year, where has the time gone? Well, he's back in the catalogue but this dwarf mound of shiny green foliage with good substance may not fit him very well any more. Both, however, are still just "too darn cute". $15
'Coconut Custard' (Solberg 2007) (['Blue Cadet' X 'One Man's Treasure'] X o.p.) Mini, (5" X 12") This fast growing mini with heart-shaped leaves is bright waxy yellow in the spring with purple petioles. It has good substance and makes a very sturdy plant. A highlight of the spring season. $15
'Cracker Crumbs' (Solberg 2002) (Sport of 'Shiny Penny') Mini, (6" X 12") The miniature bright gold leaves have a shiny, dark green margin that appears hand painted. Good substance, growth rate and lavender flowers in July. It is perfect for troughs. $15
'Crumb Cake' (Solberg 2008) ('Cinnamon Sticks' X 'Cracker Crumbs') Small, (4" X 12") This rapidly growing hosta makes a very tight flat mound of honey-gold round leaves with mahogany petioles that are shiny, wonderfully wavy, and have very good substance. Its mahogany scapes have pretty lavender flowers in July. It is a cute little hosta tough enough for the garden but deserving of a very special spot. I just love it! $15
'Curly Fries' (Solberg 2008) ('Pineapple Upsidedown Cake' seedling) Small, (5" X 16") Just look at a photo. I will add that the agave-looking leaves are stiff as a board and you can see that our award winning 'Curly Fries' is the most unique hosta to be introduced in some time. Best grown in half a day of sun, its highly ruffled narrow leaves emerge yellow and then fade to near white. The scape is deep purple, topped with lavender flowers. It makes a great container plant or grows very well in the garden. You just have to touch it. $20
'Dave' (B. Kuk 2011) ('Golden Delight' sport) Small, (12" X 18") Named for hosta collector extraordinaire Dave Chopko, this hosta has bright yellow leaves bordered in chartreuse. It has good substance, strong veination, and makes a tight flashy mound in morning sun. Different. $25
'Giantland Mouse Cheese' (J. Miller & T. Meyer, M. Zilis 2011) ('Blue Mouse Ears' X unknown) Mini (4" X 12") We all know that mice like cheese, so here is a cheddar colored 'Blue Mouse Ears' seedling from Jeff Miller and Terry Meyer for your "Mouse Nest". It has the same good substance and cute round leaves as its parent and is bright yellow in the spring and a little greener in the summer. $15
'Green Mouse Ears' (E. & J. Deckert 2004) (Sport of 'Blue Mouse Ears') Mini, (5" X 9") This miniature hosta has "mini mouse ears", greener and smaller than it parent. It maybe a little slower to grow also which makes it the perfect solid colored hosta to put with two variegated ones in your new mini bowl. Cute little scapes with lavender flowers appear in June. $15
'Holy Mouse Ears' (M. Zilis, E. & J. Deckert 2006) ('Royal Mouse Ears' sport) Small, (6" X 16") Of all the 'Blue Mouse Ears' forms, this one is my favorite. The cute round leaves have a blue margin and an unique bluish yellow center that becomes creamy white in part sun. Lavender flowers top its short, stocky scapes in June. It is the baby of the family. $15
'Ladybug' (D. & J. Ward 1996) ('Vanilla Cream' seedling) Mini-Small, (10" X 22") I like minis that grow and look a little different. This hosta is both. It is an interesting yellow seedling from 'Vanilla Cream' and Dick Ward that has ruffled leaves and a rapid growth rate. It is a large mini but still a perfect fit with the rest of your little ones. $15
'Lemon Love Note' (D. & M. Beilstein 2016) ('Quill' X op. seedling) Mini-Small, (10" X 20") This little hosta is better than it looks in the photo. It is a wavy, highly ruffled mini that grows rapidly into a neat bright yellow mound. A seedling of Doug� Beilstein's, it has nice lavender flowers, too. And I just love the name. $15
'Lemontini' (M. Zilis 2009) (Sport of 'Blue Dimples X 'Shining Tot') Mini, (7" X 12") This is one of the "tini" series from Q & Z Nursery. I think 'Appletini' is probably the best of the group but this little bright yellow hosta comes in a close second. It grows well and its bright color will delight you in early spring. I have been impressed with it even as a liner. $15
'Lightning Flash' (D. & M. Beilstein 2013) (['Color Fantasy' X 'Alabama Gold'] X 'Venetian Blue') Small, (9" X 16") We are introducing this flashy little hosta just for fun. It is another of Doug Beilstein's seedlings that has very narrow blue leaves with cream streaks. It is vigorous and yes, it does produce streaked seedlings. It will make you smile. $25
'Lime Zest' (M. Zilis 2009) ('Shining Tot' X unknown) Mini (6" X 14") This little hosta was a surprise last summer. It held its dark green color all summer and even decided to bloom in August despite the horrible weather. It is fast growing and an excellent mini to add to your collection. Everybody needs a little green. $15
'Little Devil' (H. Gowen) ('Swoosh' X H. venusta sport) Mini, (5" X 12") This cute little white-margined mini has rich green-centered elongated leaves that have a nice little ripple. It is a rapid grower, perfect for a fancy container. Lavender flowers in late July and very popular. $15
'Mighty Mouse' (Walters Gardens 2006) ('Blue Mouse Ears' sport) Mini, (5" X 12") Yes, another mouse. This one has a nice yellow border that becomes white in summer. It grows well and holds up through the summer heat. $15
'Surfer Girl' (C. Wasitis, Bridgewood Gardens 2000) (Seedling of unknown parentage) Mini, (4" X 12") This cute little green hosta has very wavy, surfboard shaped leaves. It makes a tight clump, and is easy to grow in a container. It has purple flowers in July. Give it a try. $15
'Tears of Joy' (P. Black & T. Johnson, Sebright Gardens 2005) (Sport of 'Tiny Tears') Mini, (4" X 13") This little H. venusta-like mini has green leaves that are folded and twisted when they emerge. It is a fast grower and spreader, perfect for covering a container or trough. The flowers appear to be yellow, lots of pollen but no petals. It is different. $15
'Tilt-A-Whirl' (Solberg 2013) ('Corkscrew' X 'June') Small, (11" X 18") Sometimes things do work out the way you planned. I wanted to take my hosta 'Corkscrew' and give it blue foliage, so I crossed it with 'June'. This small, upright, highly twisted hosta is the result. Perfect in a pot. $35 limited
'Urchin' (D. & M. Beilstein 2013) (['Candy Dish' X (H. pycnophylla X 'Harvest Dandy') X 'Raspberry Sorbet'] X 'Atom Smasher' op.) Mini, (8" X 13") This unique little hosta has leaves with lots of ruffles that appear to have points at their ends. The green leaves stick up from the clump like spines, urchin spines. The scapes and seed pods are dark purple. Another winner from Doug Beilstein. $20
'Wonderful' (R. Goodwin 2005) ('Little Wonder' seedling) Mini, (3" X 6") This tiny hosta has teardrop-shaped yellow leaves that form a very cute delicate miniature mound. Hybridized by Randy Goodwin, it is a perfect container hosta or grow it as Randy does in a special bed just for minis along a walk. $15

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