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First, let me thank all the local hosta clubs that ordered our “Club” hostas last year. Every year we try to find a group of new hostas that we offer to hosta clubs. This year we can offer four of our newest hostas at a special wholesale price. These hostas do not appear on our wholesale list! Please order early as some hostas may be limited. We can send them bare root or in the pots, just ask about the best shipping times.

The club hostas for this year are ‘Bear Necessities’ and ‘Honey Bun’ (both sports of our fast growing and fragrant-flowered ‘Honey Pie’), ‘Gabriel’s Wing’ (a great yellow-margined sport of ‘Empress Wu’), and ‘Holar Purple Flash’ (a hosta that blushes purple in early spring). Clubs can also order off our wholesale lists, both liners and bare root plants as quantities allow.

I can bring hostas to you! I enjoy coming and speaking to hosta clubs on all things hosta. I usually bring hostas along for sale and am glad to spend an afternoon talking and answering questions. Clubs can join together and split travel expenses as part of our annual fall speaking tour. For more details contact Bob at HostaBob@gmail.com

To place your order, call, email, or use the order form.

*‘Bear Necessities’ This green sport from its much fancier parent ‘Honey Bear’ really has lots of character given a closer look. As expected, it has showy fragrant flowers and a tremendous growth rate but also large rounded dark green leaves that are nicely puckered revealing its ‘August Moon’ parentage. I just could not throw this one out. $10.00 each
‘Gabriel’s Wing’ PPAF This very large hosta from Don Rawson may be the most colorful sport of ‘Empress Wu’ to date. The yellow margins are vibrant and hold that color, setting off the green centers well. The entire clump may remind you of the classic hosta ‘Sagae’; it does me. Grows well! $20.00
‘Holar Purple Flash’ This very striking medium-sized hosta has a purple blush in spring on its waxy bluish green leaves. From Ronnie Van Keer in Belgium, a seedling of ‘Purple Haze’ and ‘Riptide’, not only is it beautiful but also a great hybridizing opportunity. $18.00
*‘Honey Bun’ A sport of ‘Honey Pie’, ‘Honey Bun’ has the dark green margin of its parent ‘September Sun’ but with glossier leaves and nice fragrant flowers. It makes a large clump quickly and would love a sunnier than average spot in the garden. $15.00

Want a few more hostas for your club? Check out our wholesale lists and then call for availability. 919-309-0649

Remember: Hosta sales continue to be good money makers for hosta clubs... and they bring in new members!