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January 2016 Hosta Liner List:

Please order in multiples of 12 per cultivar

Yes, we have a few liners left from last summer that we can ship in early spring, April or May. They will have gone through a dormancy here at the nursery and should make nice plants next year. These are the last liners we will have available until our new crop is ready to ship in June of 2016. Order early as quantities of some liners are limited. You will receive a liner list in March of the hostas that will be ready to ship in June and July.

We do have some great looking liners available now of ‘First Blush’ PPAF , our new red leafed hosta. They are priced at $18 each, with 48 or more $15each. Feel free to ask about further discounts on larger quantities. We also have ‘First Blush’ PPAF available in 3” pots or bare root @$20 each.

Wholesale Orders must meet the wholesale conditions for quantities and the minimum order amount.

To place your order, call, email, or use the order form.

Medium to Large hostas
'Aphrodite' Lg. Spectacular double flowered form of the species H. plantaginea. $3.75 each
'Brutus' Very Lg. Interesting large dark green leaves with ridges and puckers on a very impressive upright clump. A bit of a bully in the garden but very impressive. $4.00
'Evening Blush' Med. Great new blue with purple petioles and fantastic purple flowers. $6.00
'Fashionista' Sm.-Med. Bright yellow leaves with a pure white margin, red petioles, colorful. $4.50
'First Blush'PPAF Med. Green leaves with red petioles and red margins, then entire leaf blushes purplish red. Our first red-leafed hosta is a true breakthrough! $18.00, 48 or more $15.00
'Imperial Palace' Med.-Lg. A beautiful yellow-centered green margined clump that grows very well. The center will become white in sun later in the season. $4.50
'Light Ray' Lg. A great white-margined hosta that reminds you of 'Victory' but slightly smaller. A GHF limited exclusive. $4.00
'Pie a la Mode' Med.-Lg. Wide gold margins on deep green leaves, that become white-margined in summer. Very showy! $4.50
'Titanium' Med. Very blue, waxy leaves with long points and some nice ruffling. Special. $4.00
'World Cup' Lg. Very tall and very upright bright yellow leaves that are cupped and puckered. Destined to be a Top 25 hosta! $4.00

Minis and Smalls:
'Appletini' Sm. Very shiny apple green heart-shaped leaves form a tight mound. $4.00 each
'Blue Mouse Ears' Mini. Classic round blue-leafed "mouse," makes a tight mound. $2.00
'Curly Fries' Sm. Very wavy, heavily substanced, narrow chartreuse leaves give a spidery appearance. Sun tolerant! Very distinct. 2016 AHGA Hosta of the Year. $4.50
'Gemstone' Sm. Small blue heart-shaped leaves that form a very tight mound. Good color. $3.75
'Giantland Mouse Cheese' Mini. Bright gold round, "mouse ear" leaves with good substance. $4.00
'Holy Mouse Ears' Mini. Classic white-centered sport of 'Blue Mouse Ears'. $4.50
'Ladybug' Sm. Gold rounded, unruly leaves form a crowded mound of foliage. Different. $4.50
'Lemon Love Note' Mini. Cute yellow heart-shaped ruffled leaves that make a dense mound. $4.50
'Lime Zest' Mini. Bright green leaves make a fast growing mound. Holds up well all summer. A great compliment to gold minis. $4.00

Questions? Call 919-309-0649 or email HostaBob@gmail.com