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Bob and Nancy Solberg, Chapel Hill, NC -- Hosta, Hosta!!

 Garden Club List of Great Hostas for 2011

First, let me thank all the local hosta clubs that ordered our “Club” hostas last year. This year we may have our best group of hostas yet, some of the newest and best hostas. Please order early as some hostas may be limited.

Our exclusive club hosta this year is 'Grape Fizz', a large bright green hosta with purple striped flower buds that open to large 3” fragrant flowers. Call your hosta buddies when this one comes into bloom.

I have included 'Curly Fries', 'Final Summation', 'Summer Squall, and 'Thunder Boomer', some of our newest and best hostas as well as a few of our new minis. 'Battle Star', 'Electrocution', and 'Tickle Me Pink' are plants that I wanted for my collection and I am happy to offer them to clubs this year for their plant sales. We are willing to work with you to make your next hosta sale a success, just let Nancy or Bob know how we can help. .

`Grape Fizz' (Solberg 2011) - ('Rhaposody in Blue' X H. plantaginea) - Medium-Large, (18” X 40”) Although unique to the eye with its long, thick, bright green leaves, this hosta should be grown for its fragrant 3” flowers. Actually it is its dense cluster of grape striped flower buds that are the real show stoppers when they appear in August. It grows and blooms well in at least part sun. Plant near the garden path for close-up enjoyment, and remember, do not cut these scapes before they bloom. $35 LIMITED!

`Battle Star' (G. Randy Goodwin 2006) - (sport of streaked seedling) - Medium, (15” X 36”) Thought by many to be Randy's best introduction, its great color combination of gray green leaves and yellow margins is distinct from across the garden. This sturdy hosta has good substance and produces dark lavender striped flowers in June. A special hosta for that special spot. $12

`Cathedral Windows' PP #17,295 (Hansen 2005) - (Sport of 'Stained Glass') - Large, (20” X 40”) This tetraploid hosta has domed leaves with very wide shiny green margins and narrow, bright yellow centers. The large, light lavender flowers appear in August and are highly fragrant. Its excellent color combination has made it a classic! $8

`Crumb Cake' (Solberg 2008) - ('Cinnamon Sticks' X 'Cracker Crumbs') - Small, (4” X 12”) This rapidly growing hosta makes a very tight flat mound of honey-gold round leaves with mahogany petioles that are shiny, wonderfully wavy, and have very good substance. Its mahogany scapes have pretty lavender flowers in July. A cute little hosta tough enough for the garden but deserving of a special spot. I just love it! $8

`Curly Fries' (Solberg 2008) - ('Pineapple Upsidedown Cake' seedling) - Small, (5” X 16”) Just look at the photo. I will add that the agave-looking leaves are stiff as a board and you can see that our award winning 'Curly Fries' is the most unique hosta to be introduced in some time. Best grown in half a day of sun, its highly ruffled narrow leaves emerge yellow and then fade to near white. The scape is deep purple, topped with lavender flowers. It makes a great container plant or grows very well in the garden. You just have to touch it. $12.50

`Electrocution' (Avent 2005) - [(('Swoosh' X H. longissima) X 'Redneck Heaven') X 'Elvis Lives'] - Medium, (13” X 28”) I was shocked by this hosta the first time I saw it in Tony's garden. It does look a little fried, but in a good way. It has narrow green leaves with a yellow margin that become white in more sun. What is electric about those leaves however is that they are very wavy and very twisted at the same time. Lavender flowers in June. I think I like it. $12

`Final Summation' (Solberg 2008) - (Sport of 'Sum and Substance') - Large, (20” X 60” or more) This is the dark green-edged sport of 'Sum and Substance' that for many years I have searched for all over the hosta world. It was selected for its wide green margins, superior rich colors and slightly cupped, very round, giant leaves. It has typical lavender flowers in July. $12

`Nate the Great' (Solberg 2003) - (H. nigrescens X 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa') - Large, (22” X 40”) Tall and proud with large round blue-green leaves that are deeply cupped and puckered, this large upright hosta is worthy of the front of the bed. Lavender flowers on tall straight scapes top this one off in July. Named for my son Nathan. Finally, available again! $8

`One Man's Treasure' (Benedict, Solberg 1999) - (H. longipes hypoglauca seedling) - Medium, (14” X 24”) This hosta is the standard for “red” petioled hostas. It's a medium-sized clump of shiny, dark green pointed leaves with petioles that are actually purple on both sides up into the leaf blade. Nice purple flowers in August with red scapes and seed pods. Perennial leaf show winner. $8

`Orange Marmalade' PP#16,742 (Solberg 2002) - (Sport of 'Paul's Glory') - Medium-Large, (18” X 42”) This hosta has all year appeal, attractive when it emerges with its blue leaves with a bright yellow center in the spring and amazing in May as it turns orange-yellow or yellow-orange, the color of those Crayola crayons. Beautifully variegated all summer! Lavender flowers in July. Grows well in bright morning sun. One of the most popular 21st Century hostas. $10

`Summer Squall' (Solberg 2007) - (H. sieboldiana X 'One Man's Treasure' F2 seedling) - Medium, (14” X 32” or larger) Selected for it's rich blue color and nicely folded leaves, this “Longiana” may be the best and bluest of the lot. It makes a strong statement in the garden, good substance and sturdy leaves and is a great breeder. It has 3 foot scapes of light lavender flowers in mid-summer. A great hosta! $12

`Thunder Boomer' (Solberg 2007) - (H. sieboldiana X 'One Man's Treasure' F2 seedling) - Large, (18” X 38” or larger) This is the largest of my “Longianas” to date. Its stately, pointed, medium blue-green leaves are gently rippled, arching along the midrib, providing a calm elegance. It has good substance, sturdy scapes with a nice floral display in mid-summer and like all the other “Longianas” it is a great “long season” hosta, holding up well into the fall. $10

`Tickle Me Pink' (B. and D. Stegeman, Hack 2006) - ('One Man's Treasure' X 'Squash Casserole') - Medium, (8" X 28") This distinct hosta just gets better and better as the season goes on. Its has glowing yellow leaves with twisted reddish tips and produces deep red scapes with flowers that are pinkish lavender in late summer. The leaves may even have some red streaks in the fall. Pretty Cool! $12

`Tiny Bubbles' (Solberg 2008) - ('Corkscrew' X 'Lemon Frost') - Small, (8” X 16”) This bright yellow harbinger of spring has arrowhead-shaped leaves with good substance but it is the closed orchid flowers that persist for weeks in mid-summer on perfectly proportioned yellow scapes that make this a very unique hosta. It is a sturdy little plant that grows very well. $8

`Tongue Twister' (Solberg 2008) - ('Iwa' X 'Blue Blush' o. p.) - Small, (8” X 18”) With its dark green leaves that twist upward out of the clump, this great little hosta looks as fresh in October as it does in May. It has great substance, rich color, and is cute to boot. The light purple scapes produce light lavender flowers in September and light purple pods in October. My best “long season” hosta, still green here in late November! $8

Remember: Hosta sales continue to be good money makers for hosta clubs...and they bring in new members!

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