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Mark Zilis' Field Guide to Hostas

  • RING BINDING and LIGHT WEIGHT for ease of use and durability
  • featuring the 272 MOST SIGNIFICANT HOSTAS with photos
  • 2300 MORE HOSTAS listed by category, many with photos
  • new views of HOSTA SPECIES
  • an APPENDIX with information on trees, shrubs, vines, companion plants, and much more
  • 7 1/2" by 8 7/8", 428 pages, 1200 color photos, laminated soft cover, ring binding
  • ISBN # 978-0-9679440-2-9
  • Price $44.00 online from GHF. Ask about quantity discounts.
  • Shipping: $5 (media rate) or FREE with your hosta order.

2014 Retail --A Few of the New Hostas from Green Hill Farm

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"New and exciting!!!"
'Sourpuss' (D. Chopko) (Sport of 'Lemon Meriangue') Huge, (30" X 64") This fantastic sport of 'Lemon Meringue' is the pride and joy of Dave Chopko. It not only makes a huge clump of green foliage bordered in yellow. Be sure to give this one half a day of sun, lots of and fertilizer, and then stand back. Brought the huge price of... $720 at the AHS Auction last summer. Here $50
'Lightning Flash' (D. & M. Beilstein 2013) (['Color Fantasy' X 'Alabama Gold'] X 'Venetian Blue') Small, (9" X 16") We are introducing this flashy little hosta just for fun. It is another of Doug Beilstein's seedlings that has very narrow blue leaves with cream streaks . It is vigorous and yes, it does produce streaked seedlings. It will make you smile. $35
'Chorus Girl' (D. & M. Beilstein 2013) (['Goddess of Athena' X 'Blue Veil'] X (['Neat Splash' X 'Gosan Sunproof'] X 'Golden Friendship')) Small, (11" X 21") I am always attracted to cupped and puckered hostas and I especially like little ones. This little beauty makes a tight clump of bright gold leaves that are held upward toward the sun. A seedling of Doug Beilstein, it is a great plant for hybridizing. $30
'Megan's Angel' (D. & M. Beilstein 2009) (Sport of streaked 'Blue Angel') Huge, (22" X 54" or larger) This one of Doug Beilstein's is a sport of the classic 'Blue Angel', named for his daughter. The huge blue leaves emerge with this wide, soft yellow border that will become white by late summer. It grows well and has the same wonderful near white flower display as its parent. It will grow large enough to fill a whiskey barrel. $30
'Plum Pudding' (Solberg 2011) ('One Man's Treasure' X seedling) Medium, (16" X 24") A seedling from our purple hybridizing line, this medium- sized hosta has unusually dark green rounded leaves with very good substance. Rich purple scapes and flowers appear in September. Seed is very easy to set. It is a customer favorite and great for hybridizing or displaying in a container. $30
'Potomac Glory' (R. Whitmore 2002 ) (Sport of 'Potomac Pride') Large, (20" X 40") This yellow-centered form of the classic 'Potomac Pride' make a large, sturdy, spreading clump. The leaves have a metallic glint to them when grown in morning sun that demands attention. It has large lavender "spider" shaped flowers in June. It is a very distinctive and attractive addition to the hosta bed. $25
'Lakeside Dragonfly' (M. Chastain 1997) (Seedling of unknown parentage) Small to Medium, (12" X 30") A classic hosta from Mary Chastain, its wide white margins demand attention. It forms a fast growing, flat mound of highly colored foliage that is happy growing in the mini bed or in the front of the hosta border. Lavender flowers appear in late July. This one will give you instant color. $20
'Brentwood Blues' (Watson) (sport of 'Rhythm and Blues') Mini This little hosta is a wonderful sport of 'Rhythm and Blues' from Steve Watson of Brentwood, Tennessee. It has bright white margins on blue-green leaves with well-proportioned flowers. It has a great combination of colors. $25
'Church Mouse' (Walters Gardens) (Sport of 'Blue Mouse Ears') Mini, (8" X 14") This new sport of 'Blue Mouse Ears' has a narrow, light green margin that gives the plant a coarsely ruffled edge sort of like 'Embroidery'. It has typical lavender flowers in June on one foot scapes. This mouse is a little different. $20
'Ruffled Mouse Ears' (M. Zilis 2011) (Sport of 'Blue Mouse Ears') Mini, (6" X 14") This sport of 'Blue Mouse Ears' has nice undulating blue-green leaves especially attractive as they emerge. Since we have had this "mouse" at the nursery, it has proven to be a faster grower than most. Here is one more for the "mouse house". $15

All these and many more beautiful hostas are on our retail page.

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